Not how I planned.

Another early start I said.  Well.. I disagreed this morning I guess, as I sat in bed and relaxed an extra hour before heading to breakfast.  I had looked up a diner the night before, Mo’s, just a mile away in a strip mall.  A quick drive over and I walked into the quiet restaurant.

Mo’s omelette easily places Oklahoma above Missouri in terms of breakfast.  Hands down, no contest.  Not only was it an amazing omelette, it came with a side of biscuits and sausage gravy.  Better than the the food was the waitstaff.  Both wonderful, the other server was a young girl, seemingly new to waiting tables.  She was doing very well, yet it showed she had recently learned and was trying to do well.  Notably, she reminded me of someone special.

Usually, I just ignore when this happens, today I decided to say something, as she had already caught my eye walking by a few times.  I told her of my sister Allie, and I’m not sure if just her hair color or the braided pony tail, yet she reminded me of her so much at that age.  Taking a shot and being in Oklahoma, I asked if she was interested in horses.  However, no.  Conversation continued as I paid my bill and was on my way from Mo’s, smiling from visit with my sister.

A visit to an AT&T store took four hours – another story.

And I arrived into Texas late, and ready to get to the campground tomorrow.

Time to rest.


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