I have arrived!

What a long day. Even as I begin, I already want to lay down and rest. And I haven’t even found my air mattress yet, and I will be fine for one night.

Found another great breakfast to start the day and got on the road as soon as I could. I was hoping to make camp before sunset and don’t quite make it. However, I was able to pick out my site in the daylight. Once I got back with groceries though, it was dark.

Setting up the camp stove first, I cooked myself a pair of NY strips, and I’m still starving! Have eggs and bacon ready in the cooler for the morning. Minus the sleeping pad, I am ready to stop for now.

Tomorrow I will set up camp properly. And start with organizing all the gear. Also, tomorrow I get to prioritize writing again instead of driving and that makes me glad.

Even as I’ve written this week, so many details have been left out! Tomorrow, some catch up time.

Time to rest.

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