Four hundred and fifty percent.

A quiet day, too quiet. Kind of boring too. Hm, not kind of, it has been a boring day. Nothing happened.

I slept well, the circadian rhythm lately has been great, in bed each night by midnight as I start the ocean sounds, and set an eight hour timer to turn it off. Likely all in my head, yet I think the sounds let me stay sleeping easier and have been very helpful in letting me sleep later. Not sleeping in, rather preventing me from checking my phone too early, it lets me stay sleeping until seven.

Took my last Vyvanse this morning, so I added refilling my prescriptions to my list to do today. Trying to save myself a second trip I called ahead to CVS to make sure my prescriptions would be ready for pickup. With five different pills to take each day, it seems like all the cycles have gotten off. Some fill with a 90 day supply, some now with only 30 days. The Vyvanse only fills for 30 days.

Finally navigating through their phone system, I reached a real person.  They were able to quickly look me up and confirm my prescription and that it had 2 refills remaining, however I was told they are no longer allowed to “refill” that script, as it is a ‘controlled substance’. With the new policy, each filling has to be from a direct prescription from my doctor. No worries I told her, I’ll call them.

To ease their process, I submitted my request on MyChart, that seems to help ensure I get the proper dosage (in the past, they’ve sent over the higher doses, I still only take the 30mg ‘starter’ dose. Less is more.) Then followed up with a phone call, which went well and as expected and made sure they would be able to send it over today, as I was now out.

Shortly after, I received the texts from CVS as it hit their system. They however hit a bit of a snag, they were out themselves. Although, I fully agree the new pills are better for me (three-fold even, morally, ethically, and legally,) than any other drugs I’ve done in the past- well, setting aside cannabis/cbd. Cannabis is not in the same class as food and water, obviously. However, hemp- as that, legally is what I’ve been smoking now for several weeks, only 0.71%THC… a quarter-strength of what was available when I was in high school. Of course, I didn’t usually roll one gram joints then either. In fact, the few times I even bought my own pot back then, it would have been a “dime” bag, $10 for probably about a gram, and that would have been rolled into two joints.

So, then would have been a half gram at 6% and now a full gram at under 1% (and available 83% cheaper, $1.70 each.) In the evenings I’ll smoke them whole as one would expect (pre-rolled, ready to go,) yet in the morning and at least through the ‘productive’ portions of my day, I try to smoke just enough (seems to be just under .16 grams,) to obfuscate the headache. Depending on how busy I’m staying, that seems to last thirty to ninety minutes or so, then repeat. Usually by lunch, the first one is gone (I unravel, measure and smoke from my small pipe,) and depending on the schedule, I may have a whole one then, then the final in the evening.

For five bucks a day to not get high may not seem like a great deal, however they come with 20% of other, non-psychoactive cannabinoids, those are all the other biological parts that interact in other ways with our bodies. Of course, all the definitive studies are still out (started decades to late,) the anecdotal evidence has always been known. Though the first ten years of Michigan’s legal cannabis industry only seemed to increase the availability of psychoactive varieties, it is nice to see the growers/manufactures now paying an equal amount of attention to the low thc flower products.

That’s how quiet it’s been today. My first six hundred words go to pot. <smh>

And the next six hundred? Well, let’s start with my book. I think someone is reading it. Yesterday was 65 lines by the end of the day ($0.26 in royalties.) Today 291 pages for an additional $1.18 in royalties. I suppose this could also be 356 different people that each read one line. However, if it is one person (a Kindle Unlimited subscriber,) they stopped reading tonight with 44 pages to go. If my thinking is correct, I predict that 44 pages will come early tomorrow – a three day binge on a 400 page book.

Basically, they’ve now made it into 2022- past the opening, my skydive instruction, the skydive growth, the election/news montage, and to the incident (page 214.) At that point, they read another 142 pages. They now know about my final bid for surgery, and the final run-up to it.

They had to stop. I would. Are you kidding, a fifteen year story, a tragic incident, a year recovery and then a coming surgery. How is that story going to end in 40 pages? Nope, I’d have to put it down and think about it for the night, figure out my hypothesis then go finish the book in the morning. If I was reading a King book, I never guessed it. His mind has whole other levels that cannot be predicted, and he has the benefit of fiction too, practically no constraints on anything — Look, aliens just landed and healed me, the end. — as for me, I have this reality issue (not to mention the my reality versus other people’s realities issues.)

I do like how the book ends up– I’m not going to spoil it for you (just in case you are reading along online now with us.) It was something that actually seemed to go pretty naturally. Obviously for a while there I was trying to figure out what to do with 400,000 words. I may be a story teller, but my gosh, my stories just go on forever- which, yes, may have something to do with the reason many people don’t ask my opinion on things- unless it’s important, then all of sudden they want all the details on whatever part of my knowledge are then applicable to them. I think it was the first place I looked for a “cut”, and there it was, reading back my own ‘last page’, it was almost as if I was planning it.

I wrote that page and it felt (in my memory,) like the end of book. Ends up, it was.. or is, that page is the end of my first book. Once that cut was made I thought of another good spot, and lo and behold, I found another nature ending and a new beginning. Ha, I wonder if these are the odd “cycles” my ex-wife would tell me about- I never fully saw it, yet even more now, I appreciate her ‘outside’ viewpoint as close up on me as any other human has. Whether I like or agree with her statements- they are now in my brain too.

So, how do I end the book story for the day? Do the math, my book sales increased by over 450% today. And I know I’ve received at least one softcover order (my own, oh I can’t wait to receive it on Friday,) and that is not yet showing up in the reports. So, with that ‘one’ hiding, there could also be any number of other sales that occurred on the first day too. Essentially, that was the point of me paying full price, I will know exactly what the ‘order to report’ delay should be.

Okay, we’re up to over twelve hundred now. I could probably go on, yet it is 12:14 so I should probably cut here for the night. Tomorrow might be a bit slow, CVS isn’t expected my meds until later in the afternoon. Yet, maybe that will make the day go faster? My schedule tomorrow is currently just as open.  Hmm, I should contact the college tomorrow.

Time to rest.

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