Reading a book

Another good day and tiring, again. Still no text from CVS for my refill and I feel like I have no energy at all. I slept well and actually, my body felt good, great even when I first got up. The morning went as usual yet once I was downstairs I didn’t go back up to shower until nine, and the day seemed to go the same way- everything dragging slowly.

Close to ten I was dressed and downstairs. The insert back in my left shoe seems to help a lot, though I still think it is too thick. I need to go find another one. With my hips level, it takes away a lot of the ‘grind’ as I walk and as I’ve gotten more used to the insert, I’m noticing a lot more pain in the upper rear part of my left leg. Not that this part hasn’t been hurting for the last 18 months, rather I think just all the other parts are now hurting less.

Other than all the pills I take from my doctors, I haven’t been taking any pain meds- no opioids since Christmas day- since I last ran out of them, I haven’t even been taking Tylenol. Taking it every day seems to reduce its effectiveness, or maybe that is in my mind too. However, I’ve found if I run out and I wait for a week or two when I do get it, it seems to make a tremendous difference. That was today. Maybe around noon, I walked across the street to the store to pick up some off-brand acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Dosing up with two each, twenty minutes later I was up and moving around with relative ease. Made some lunch, a box of deluxe macaroni and cheese. Though I was only able to eat half the box and started to slip into a food coma. I left my plate where it was and went upstairs, undressed, and laid down for a nap. Almost three hours later I woke feeling very refreshed. Checking my phone, I saw an email I had been waiting for. My book had been delivered.

I’m still a little bit amazed. For as many times as I’ve said I’ve wanted to write a book, I don’t know if I ever really believed I could. Yet today, I’m holding my book, printed and delivered from Amazon. It’s only been a few days and I’ve already made my first dollar as an author. I’m up $2.42 in fact. I’m not so worried about that, I’ve got two more books ready to go soon, and I might even be close to done with the fourth.

Flipping through the book, I looked at the clock and realized it was almost six. Feeling as if I was starving to death, I thought I would cook a batch of spaghetti, that is always the meal I cook when someone is really ‘hungry’. Nothing too special, just a jar of ragu with a pound of browned Italian sausage and a can each of diced and stewed Italian tomatoes. Knowing they’re way too busy this time of year, I sent a text to invite my sons over. Yet, I’ve still got a gallon ziplock back full of leftovers in the fridge.

Dinner done, I filled the dishwasher and quickly cleaned up the kitchen and made it over to my chair before I feel into the next food coma. Only ten twenty now, I started typing early as I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay up. I want to stay up until 12 as I know then I will sleep til seven. Yet, these last few days without my ‘go-go’ pill, I’ve taken a nap each day.

Not much Facebook today. Keeping a low profile for now, I am really interested to see the results of the primary next week, I am hoping we will have two qualified candidates for the November election, if not, I may have to add myself to the mix.

Okay, going to bed early with my new book. I think I’m going to like this character.

Time to rest.

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