Good pop.

It’s like slowing down to an easier pace. A more relaxed pace. Still no text from CVS, and I haven’t called them either, I put it off of the list for the weekend. I still got as much done today as I would have, maybe more. Hmm, I haven’t been wearing my Fitbit, as it doesn’t want to charge anymore, else there might be data to show my heart rate is down.

So, my leg has been great today, after being absolutely horrible this morning. With the first few steps, just like yesterday, it was great. I could fully extend my leg when stepping down and somehow hold my knee back allowing my toes to fully flex upward. At some point, when I’m done complaining about the pain in my back, in my sacrum, in my hips, knee, and ankle, I’ll start complaining about my toes. My four little toes have been curled up tight for almost 19 months now.

The big toe used to bend upwards, and still does a little, when I raised or extended my leg, my body wouldn’t let me put my big toe down to support the weight on that side of my foot. It’s probably been a month or two now that I’ve gotten the bottom of my foot to stretch out enough, and after that, I’ve been able to start putting weight on my toe. However, a toe is not just a toe. It seems to be connected to the same clumped-up chunk of muscles that go all the way up the back of my leg to the back of my pelvis.

All this time, I think my brain has been stopping me from fully extending my left leg onto the ball of my toe. Now, it’s not. The first few steps are amazing as my toes unfurl, then the pain throughout that entire line of muscles erupts in pain as I limp the last few steps into the bathroom and grab the bottle of muscle relaxers. And the day followed the routine.

Early this morning as I sat in my chair, do what I guess would be some lazy calisthenics. Or, I could call it extra exercise while sitting down. Yeah, that sounds better. Mostly butterflies, always working on opening my hips. Using my heels to drag my ottoman in and out across the wood floor. Today as I was pulling my knees up to my chest one at a time, I held my left leg up to my chest while I used my left arm to the inside of my lower left leg and pulled out outward. The first time I felt some resistance in my hip and I pushed my lower leg inwards, then back out a little strong.


Not very loud, yet audible, and my left leg angled outward just a little bit more, not much, yet noticeable. By then I had already dosed up on my prescribed pills (other than the one I’m out of,) and also acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Lowering my leg I went back to the butterflies then just put my legs out straight and was able to much easier touch my toes. Standing and walking around, it feels like I can lift my left knee forward (that is still hard,) without having to rotate my hips to my left side.

I decided I wanted to test it out on a long walk, so by 11 am I took a walk down to Hollywood Street and back for a mile- my first in several weeks- and set my fourth fastest time at 20:50. Most importantly, my joints didn’t hurt (ankle felt a little numb,) though my muscles, oh those ached top to bottom on my left leg. Differently than yet before, I think all the proper muscles were being exercised. My hips weren’t killing me and my lower back wasn’t aggravated in the walk.

Back home I relaxed for a while, then started lunch. Another box of deluxe mac and cheese (it is kind of nice not needing milk and butter anymore.) Then upstairs for a nap. Full eight-hour nights for the last week or so, if not more, and now another 90-minute nap each day too. And here I am again just shy of 11 pm and already starting to yawn.

Another trip to Stone Depot, then I came home and relaxed and watched a good movie on Amazon Prime, “Get a job.” In a very ‘Seinfeld’, story about nothing kind of way, the movie managed to come off as very unique to me. It had a few common elements as other movies, yet its storyline was unique enough, that I guess I just haven’t seen what it was based on or a remake of. (Or, was it a new idea?)

Enjoyed my spaghetti leftovers and a glass of milk for dinner, then just relaxed until I got up to start typing. It’s continued to be a bit quiet, yet with a more relaxed pace myself it has been nice. Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow, then I need a good Monday.

If (and I am considering this,) I take a break from the Vyvanse, I wonder how effective I can be just using lists, and actually working it every day. It’s August already, I need to put some things in motion.

Time to rest.



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