Topping the charts

Restless, just a bit. My legs were too sore and my knee seemed to ache, both told me another walk today was not a good idea. However, once I had taken my normal pills along with the over-the-counter pills I’d picked up, it was another ‘good’ day for my leg. I’ll air-quote it there as it still hurts like heck, and a different hurt too. Not the bone-on-bone grinding so much with my hips or sacrum, or the lopsided corrections as I force myself to stand straight, but rather all the muscles along the outside of my left thigh feel like they’re tearing themselves apart.

From my lower back, the whole left rump, around my left side, all the muscles sore and swollen. With two of the ibuprofen knocking that down and keeping the left insert in, I almost feel as if I’ve crossed some final milestone. My knee is more than a bit weak too, yet nothing that a few weeks of some actual PT wouldn’t be able to fix.

The first full week of August; in Jackson County, that means the fair is in town, or the carnival, whatever you like to call it. Most years when it comes up, at some point I have to stop and think how many years it’s been- 28- since I showed up with my bag packed one night for my buddy Jon to set me up with a job. I think it was $200 per week and free room and board. It seems like it lasted forever, yet I was back in Jackson by the end of September. I’d come back to meet my littlest sister who had been born on Labor Day.

It might be a bit of a stretch and I think I’m going to walk down there sometime this week. It might be two miles or more to get down to the entrance and do a lap around the place, yet I think I’ll manage and there will be plenty of places to stop and rest. I suppose that is the idea, to see not if I can just go and ‘do a lap’ and leave, rather- I want to see if I can just go to the fair and not think about what I’ll do to get around. Time to get over it, and for me- being able to stop ‘planning’ for it, would be a big step in getting over it.

Was in bed in hour early last night and sleep until 7:30, a relaxing morning of not much after lunch an hour an a half nap. Came downstairs and seriously thought about doing laundry. I made dinner (hamburger, rice, and cans of diced and stewed tomatoes,) early made about 6. Then watched some TV. On Amazon Prime, I found a series called “Jury Duty”. It has an unrealistic plot, yet manages to explain its integration of the fourth wall in a similar way as “The Office” did.

Now, it’s 10:36 pm and I’ll going to go lay down early again.  I think a Vyvanse break has been nice… making me wonder if that is why I’ve been sleeping so well lately. I’m not sure how the Amazon charts work, yet they seem to bounce around. When I first published my book, I saw it was #105 in the Extreme Sports category. So far I’ve seen it bounce from there to #242, to #32, then finally #23 at one point, and still first in the list of new releases in the category.

Time to rest.


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