Woke up early and felt tired as soon as I opened my eyes. I tried to roll over and sleep more (I’d even closed my door last night, so it was fully dark,) but it was hopeless. Before long I was up, showered, and downstairs. Hungry, but not in the mood to trust the milk this close to its expiration, I waited until nine and walked next door for another gallon.

It might have been a little past nine by time I was sitting down with a large bowl of miniwheats and by ten, I was wondering where that pillow was again- I could barely keep my eyes open. Not wanting to nap on the floor again, I went upstairs and slept until two pm. As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt tired- still.

Putzing around trying to keep myself entertained, I was going to go shopping- I’ve needed to for several days now, yet just as I picked up my keys to force myself to go, I remembered I had plenty of macaroni and cheese for lunch and didn’t need fresh salads.

Delicious in its own way, just not in a healthy feeling way, it was a good lunch. Actually, if was very filling (no one here to split the box with.) I walked around plenty enough in the house to stretch out my legs and the side steps are starting to feel easier than when I started them a week or two ago.

At some point I curled up in my chair to nap another hour or two of the evening. Eleven nineteen now and will be upstairs soon. Tomorrow, another week, and many more applications to fill out. Need to find work.

Time to rest.


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