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I have been “playing” with Linux for nearly twenty-five years. “Linux” is another operating system, such as “Windows” or “MacOS”, there are also several more types of systems for more specific purposes. Linux can be used as a “desktop” computer system: you can have a “start” button, click on icons, send email, read the web, create documents and spreadsheets. Usually, for those tasks, Windows is better suited for post people. Mac’s are also great, if you can afford the price tag.

Linux excels at being a “server” and often runs “headless”. That means the computer (synonymous with ‘server’) has no monitor, keyboard or mouse. To use or manage the server, it must be accessed over a network connection, sometimes a private network, often directly on the Internet. Unlike Windows, Linux was designed from the ground up to be a secure multi-user environment. I’m not sure what the current stats are, yet I would guess that Linux — okay, I had to tab over and google it – according, 100% of the worlds top 500 supercomputers run Linux, 96.3% of the worlds top million Internet servers run Linux, and 90% of the worlds “cloud” runs on Linux.

Sidenote: if your data is in the “cloud”, really that just means it’s on another computer, a server, somewhere else.

If you are considering a website or other type of online application for your self or your business, please feel free to contact me.

I run my website (and my client sites,) each on a unique virtual private server. I prefer to use WordPress as a Content Management System, however I have familiar with a wide variety of open source software if you’d like to consider other options.  Have a private server means there are no other clients on your machine- it is devoted for you use. Also, it can be customized for your use- server packages, updates only applied when you need them.

In addition to “standard” websites, there is a wide variety of other software that can be ran from a virtual server. I am familiar with several types of automatic GPS positioning and mapping systems. There are many business packages for invoicing and customer contact databases. Packages to run your own “private cloud”, where you can backup your home and business machines to your own cloud (and be assured it will stay private.)

There are many other applications too. If you are looking for a Linux administrator to setup a new website or other online application, please feel free to contact me.

A new website server setup (and most others too,) cost $300 one time. Then, each month cost an additional $25.

You can read more about my terms and services on my business page.

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