Uh oh

So much for self care. So much for productivity and list building, and listing checking off.

Ran out of meds this morning. Time to figure out this state insurance come Monday and get my prescriptions filled.

Woke and had tea, then went out for breakfast at Candy’s BZB, an amazing meat lovers omelette. I’m sure they have other great food too, yet I wouldn’t know, I haven’t had anything else in a very long time. Omelette and wheat toast- although today I did get the homemade muffin toast instead of wheat. It is good too, but it doesn’t toast as evenly as wheat and doesn’t work as well to clean the remaining gravy from the plate.

I’ve needed to go shopping all day and I should have went right after breakfast. Instead I went home and with a very full belly, I didn’t really do anything. By four I was sitting in my chair, barely able to stay awake when I spotted a blanket and pillow in a tub by the door. My fuzzy ‘Jackson’ blanket. It’s a white, yellow and blue handmade fuzzy blanket, the type with the edges all tied in knots to keep its two layers together. I won it at a silent auction at the the City of Jackson’s Christmas party the first year I was elected. It is by far my favorite blanket, so perfectly fuzzy and warm and one one that kept my comfort on the road.

With the pillow right there, I thought I’d just lay down for a second. I mean, I knew better but I was about to fall asleep and the pillow was right there. It felt good to lay down on the hard floor and stretch. Two hours on the floor before I woke up and went back to my chair, yet I didn’t stay awake long. It’s not as comfortable as a couch though I can roll on my side an asleep in my chair easily enough. Two hours later I woke up again, very slowly. No energy to cook, I had two cans of raviolis.

Absolutely no energy today, I’m guessing the lack of Vyvance, my ADHD medication.

Time to rest.

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