The Boxer

I never met him although every time I look at the picture I really wish I would have. I could almost wonder how that conversation might have gone. If it went well and he had a story to share, what would it be? How does one end up in hoodie and trench coat wearing boxing gloves while beat bopping across Central Park? Do you just wake up one day in that outfit or is it an ensemble that is built over time? Perhaps it’s not even eccentric. It was a cool day if I recall, maybe he was just out for daily bit of exercise and threw on the only pair of glove he had?

All the same, I wish I could sit back and read a daily progression of his live over the previous decade or two. How does one end up in a situation that seems to appear undesirable, when was that the best choice to move his life forward?

Not much to report today, woke early, came downstairs, cleaned up and had some tea and a boost. After spending a bit of time on my computer- and it is nice to be able to stand using it, sometimes it would be nice to sit. Luckily I had a tall stool upstairs that I was able to use. The height is almost perfect. Yes I could sit on it fully too, yet mostly I was just leaning against it with my legs outstretched. I think the nicest thing about using the stool is the lack of back support.

I spent the afternoon browsing on Indeed and submitted a half dozen applications. One, for which I did meet the qualifications, kind of made me laugh as I considered doing the job- as an online Personal Wealth Coach. Training is provided to sell the companies products of course. Maybe I would learn something?

I had all my meals today, even breakfast, if you count pop tarts and a boost- I do. Even with my salad lunch I was feeling hungry early and decided to make some more spaghetti. Last time I only cooked half the box of noodles, yet didn’t want to try to save half the jar of sauce, so I used it all. And I did the same tonight. With the whole jar, a can of Italian tomatoes, and a half a pound of Italian sausage, it was another delicious meal- cooking is so much easier in a kitchen.

Tomorrow I hope to share a link of a for sale post, so that it can be quickly marked sold.

Time to rest.

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