I could delay this post four more hours and I would still not likely have the result that I wanted. It’s really been the top item on my list for several months, as far as items that could be liquidated for quick cash. As much as I hate to say, if it came down to a choice between my rigs and my house, I’d have to choose the house.  I tried living in my car and yes, I can do it. I did it. It’s not the long term plan. Oh, I certainly hope to have more roadtrips in my future, yet I think I’ll keep an empty house to come home to between them. Of course, anyone knows the reason I’m back in Michigan right now, rather than Alaska, was I didn’t think I could keep the house until September otherwise.

I suppose that was always the plan at some point, the mysterious goal. If a person is near always traveling, it really doesn’t matter where their house is. As I’ve shown myself, I can get to New Mexico in two days from here and on a three month roadtrip, I don’t think it matters where it starts and ends, nearly as much as what’s in between. Achieving that goal was near impossible to do over the last three decades, yet I was just on the cusp of it before my incident. I suppose we could call this a set back.

Yet day by day, there are ups and downs. Sometimes, if you look at it the right way a down can easily be an up. I’ve been putting off a call to my mortgage company, yet it was on the list. I didn’t want to call them, as there is not much good news for me to tell them- other than my desire to keep this house notwithstanding my current ninety day lack of payments to them. Gladly my phone call to the retention office landed on Niko’s headset.

Altogether we talked for close to an hour. Apart from solving the immediacy of my mortgage problems (an informal forbearance, a ninety day, once renewable, grace period waving late fees and interest allowing me to catch up) he presented me with another opportunity. It seems that Niko himself is a remote worker- and very good at it. I had a dozen questions about his position, as it seems so foreign to me to apply, interview, then work for an employer I’ve never met. To sit at home and do work on behalf of company I’ve never entered.

Yet, to sit at home and never enter a company again does sound nice. He described it all to me very well. Zoom sessions almost daily, all training done with remote access, screen sharing and more zoom. All equipment provided, you just need to plug it into the Internet to activate your headset and whatnot. Though he would not say how much he earned, he pointed me to that indicates the position pays fifty thousand per year. To not enter a company and provide Internet, and forty hours of my time in my boxer shorts at a computer. To boot, he mentioned the company is hiring and pointed me to the Careers page. Application submitted.

I thought I would head to the store after that, as I’d realized I was out of salads. I buy the prepackaged salads of the the convenience of it. Tear off the top wrapper and eat from its container. After opening the packets of chips or croutons (depending on the variety of salad.. usually I’ll go for the Santa Fe or a Cesar, though the Avocado Ranch once a time or two ago were pretty good too. Yet, I just didn’t have the motivation for it. Especially once I saw I had leftovers from last night. This might be one of the first times I’ve ate leftovers the very next day.

If I needed quick cash, I could sell my rigs. Yet, from my phone call today, I do not need quick cash. Yet.. I still don’t need all of this gear.. ahh, sorting and cleaning are not my strong suits, yet selling my possessions must be so much further down that list. I’m going to have to put some thought into a more selective method to separate what I do want to sell from what I might have thought I needed to sell.

So, maybe this wasn’t failure of my plan to sell from last night, rather I was able to avert it.

I need better pictures.

Time to rest.



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