A slow start as I laid in bed for an hour, maybe even ninety minutes after waking up. It was early, only seven when I woke up. Even then I contemplated going back to sleep for the first thirty minutes of that, yet after going to bed just past eleven, I was up. I wonder what would happen if I left my phone downstairs when I went to bed. Would I still hang out in bed or would I jump up to run downstairs and scroll the phone in my chair? Would I sleep any longer without the light generator an arms reach away ready to fully stimulate me with my first peek?

Maybe I should try that tonight. Less screen time would always be a good thing. I like trying little new good habits from time to time. Some times they work out for a while, sometimes not. Like the lists. Now that I mention this again, it’s twice as bad. I need to create a new list, a new set of goals that I’m working on and the steps I’m taking. Interestingly, on Facebook today a friend shared a reel which asserted that you only need devote twenty hours to learn a new skill. Forty five minutes a day for a month. Previously I’ve heard that you only need spend one thousand hours at an activity to become a master of it. It’s all about how a person invests their time.

How dire would it be for be to become truly introspective now and ask myself how wisely I’ve invested my time. My time today, this week, this year or the last five or six years altogether. Today, depending on how one might measure, was most likely a step in the right direction- maybe even a really good direction, I submitted two job applications (with resume included,) on Indeed. One for a remote IT Support position in Lansing that did sound nice, yet after I saw I was one of over six hundred applicants, I kept looking. The next position I found was for a local credit union that is hiring for their onsite tier one IT support, starting at over twenty dollars per hour.

I’ve always liked the idea of working close to home. When I bought this home it was in part because I worked at the Parish Office, just a few hundred feet away. This bank- although not the Blue Ox right next door, although they were hiring too- is close enough to walk to, kinda. I mean it is, it just wouldn’t maybe be too comfortable of a walk for me right now.. though that would be a heck of a challenge to walk there and back from my very first day.  See, my very first day. I can almost imagine working there already, I am familiar with the place.

Look how quickly my mind can be taken, look a squirrel!  Or wait, is Alaska the squirrel and am I now attempting to leap back onto a proper path forward. Jumping from one idea to the next I do try to temper myself with a thought process. Though likely, my processes could be improved. Getting a job is a safe bet. And actually, the idea of working at a large company and one certainly one with upward positions in the IT department could likely be a really good thing for me. It is not an opportunity that I’ve had before and perhaps now the time is right.

There were other big opportunities that I’ve had over the length of my career, yet I viewed everything as a stepping stone obstacle to my next skydive. Eventually once I had an income stream squared away, I minimized my clients to enable more time working in the air. Skydiving is hard job that someone has to do- ends up that someone isn’t me though.  I think now I could work in an office on a sunny summer day without being completely distracted by the thought of freefall. Maybe now, I’m tempered to, reality I suppose.

Also started the process of listing my skydive rigs for sale. With my canopy choices, I’ve decided to sell all of my rigs in parts, as I think to turn any of it into a complete rig might lock out buyers that don’t agree completely with my choices. For today I got photos of the two rigs and their parts (above is pictured the second of them.) Tomorrow I’ve got to pull out and sort my canopies and a bunch of skydive odds and ends.  I’m keeping just enough to put me in the air, all that a hobbiest really needs. Not many weekend warriors out there carrying three rigs, three helmets, four suits, three altimeters.

So much gear that if I don’t stop myself, would sit where it is until it rotted. I have to sell and redeem the value- and hopefully help some other skydive get in the air without waiting six weeks for custom gear. That will give me something to do while waiting for a call to schedule my interview (this is me being hopeful.)

Time to rest.

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