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From my chair where I sit to the fridge is about twenty feet. Just on the other side of a relatively small room and I can remember days when I couldn’t reach it. Some days when it just wasn’t worth while. Once I could get there, I would plan a trip for everything I needed in the kitchen- food from the fridge, empty the urinals, maybe some snacks from the cabinet, then back to bed for the day.

I’m glad those times are now a year past and the fridge hasn’t moved, yet it looks closer now. Often I’ll sit down in my chair, then get up to go to the fridge and come back to my chair, just to get right back up again for something I forgot, sometimes two or three times. That’s okay, now. Now it’s not so back to walk across the room to the fridge, just more exercise. Except that it’s only twenty feet away. As a person that has always paced from time to time, usually when I’m on the phone, I have a path around the ground floor that might be sixty feet. And it wasn’t enough to tire out my legs this morning. To give them that “warmed up” feeling.

As expanding the house would be difficult, I decided to make the walking more difficult. It started with regular side steps, at first just two or three. Then I just kept going around the whole path from the kitchen to the front door and back again. Then I turned back and side stepped the other way back around. After a quick break (a standing break,) I did a few more laps going each way sideways using one foot to step behind the other, then more laps each way sideways using one leg to step in front of the other all the way around.

My ankle has been more stiff each day- more stiff side to side- yet warms up with exercise in the morning. I have to keep working with every step to try to flail out my toes and keep them fully extended and bent up as I pick up my knee and extend my lower leg forward, landing on the heel and rolling off my toe. Just one more step to put in the sequence. Just a bit over four months since the last surgery and I think I’m finally getting the hang of walking again.  With a few more days of all the silly side stepping, I just might have a better bit of balance too.

Which strikes me as odd. In New Mexico I had finally come to the point to admit that my disabilities were severe enough to prevent me from working permanently, hence leading forward to Michigan to file for disability where I could sell whatever I could to pay bills until it kicked in. Yet after a couple weeks in the home state and my body is now feeling good. I feel good enough to do something.. anything even.

After the excises I skipped the TV again for the day, thinking I’d rather stand at my computer and use it to look for work. After a few days of all this standing my foot is starting to get used to being.. stepped on again. Sometimes I can still feel it, almost like a pins and needles feeling, though it goes away quickly when I move my foot. At the computer I went from one thing to another and ended up on my own site. I need to sell things, and one thing I have are photos. As a person that likes to call myself a photographer, I think selling photography might be essential to the description I desire.

I wouldn’t say it was click, click, done, yet without thinking about my body or my foot so much at all, I was able to work on this website a little bit (and more than just writing posts.) So without further ado, I introduce the Photo section of the website.  I’ve only uploaded one gallery so far, I have a few more coming soon. Yet now, my photo’s are officially for sale. Browse thought the gallery(ies) and be sure to like and share your favorites. Also, for as little as five dollars, you can purchase rights to one of my photos.

The first gallery, of course, is a collection of shots I took in the summer of twenty twenty.  This is far from all of my skydiving photos, even from just that summer, yet included are several of my favorite shots. Also, once I upload the next few galleries that I’m imagining from my reservoir of work, this sound like a new daily project. Now, if this daily project leads to income, that would also be nice. As for pricing, I think I’ve kept it fair and reasonable with the smallest size image for five dollars and the largest size images for thirty (and for a business license an extra fifty percent.)

One nice thing about the afternoon, after I got done with setting up and testing the new plugins, is I could have sent myself an invoice. Not to be silly, just to say that I accomplished billable work. The only issue being of course that the liable party was also me. Yet, doing ‘something’ productive felt good. So I followed that up with a trip to Krogers to top off the groceries in the house. More Boost, bananas, apples, blueberries and salads.

Dinner was quick as I reheated the other half of last nights hamburger helper, then I set about cleaning my cannabis tray, again.  I was out last night, yet this morning while drinking my tea the tray looked dirty.  So I cleaned it as best I could and gentle scraped the debris into my pipe. That is was set the morning off nicely, just after that I started all the side steps. I think before I went shopping I cleaned the tray again. There wasn’t much the first time so I checked the grinder and it was a little dirty too. With the third cleaning done, we can rest assured that the cannabis debris is gone. Actually, it was pretty much gone after the second time. This last, I barely even had a whiff of taste of pot.

Tomorrow, I need to list some items for sale. Like my rig, or the air conditioner, or anything else in the pile of stuff I said I was going to sell. Hmm, maybe I need to sell them now. Yes, I think so. Hopefully this is the season for some quick sales in skydive gear..

Time to rest.

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