It is finally starting to get nice outside in Michigan. Gosh knows it could still snow if it wanted to, but I think we’re safe. There have been more clouds than sunshine in the last few weeks and that has been just fine with me. I had enough sunshine in Alamogordo to last me quite a while. Here, the bit of sun peeking between the clouds is a pleasant surprises when it lands upon your face.

Between hanging from my pull-up bar or on the inversion table, or rolling and contorting myself in bed, my pelvis has been very active lately. Lots of pops and cracks as I move and twist, I’m still not sure they are quite symmetric, or maybe not as symmetric as they used to be.  Hard to know really, I never spent much time memorizing the shape of my abdomen before. Altogether, I think it’s working itself out.

Awake at the usually time today I came downstairs and put on water, but I didn’t turn on the TV. I’ve kind of had enough of it lately. It seems like I know all the episodes to the shows I like to watch. Later in the day I did turn it one, though I tried some channels other than Ion. Just two clicks up was a True Crime channel. That will probably last a few days at least.

In lieu of TV my attention turned to my computer, my desktop computer that is. A powerful machine, I haven’t really touched it since I’ve been home and haven’t used it for much for than web surfing in the last year and a half. A machine more than capable of any photo or video editing tasks (or games, but that’s not for me,) it has been been underutilized.  Also, it was a mess. Tons of files strewn about its desktop, dozens of programs installed slowing it down. I decided to clean it up.

I had done a backup before I left in December, so I was able to skip that. The rest of a reformat and re-install of Windows is pretty easy an an hour or two later I had reinstalled the few programs I needed, and now have a nice quick desktop ready for an assigned task. The really nice part is that all this work was taking place at the standup desk, which after a while of standing at it, I would kind of forget that I was standing.

My foot is still on it’s roll, I think this is the third day now and I’m really starting to like it. I am having to learn to walk again, but this time is different. It’s much less like learning to walk again as compared to remembering how to walk for the first time.  Able to take small, slow balanced steps across the room without slamming my peg leg on every step- it’s no more peg, now it has a foot! I spent most of the day on my feet working on the computer, then playing with some radio stuff. And I got out for a walk too.

Not as much of a walk as I was planning as the walking feels great- for the first quarter mile. Yet after that, it seems like this group of newly rejuvenated muscles is still pretty weak. I went north from my house planning to go to Frosty Boy, yet I only made it up to North street before deciding to ice cream would be better another day and turned around. I’ll get there soon.

Also, ran out of pot today. Yeah, I could go buy some more, and who knows, I just might, yet I really can’t justify the expense from my very limited cash reserves. Cannabis was just what I needed to get food into and out of my body, yet that was over a year ago since I’ve had that bad of issues will my digestion.  Also, a buzz is nice thing to temper mental ambitions and slow them to keep pace with a physical disability. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a bit of happiness on tap, to calm the mind, ease the stress, and wind down the nerves.

Maybe I’m just too used to it. Well tomorrow should be interesting.

Time to rest.

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