A clever title

I slept in for a good bit today, being Saturday again. I didn’t smoke though I did seem to lounge for an extra hour or so on my phone before I got out of bed and came downstairs and put on water for tea.

My foot has continued to work properly today- this is such a good thing. The final “step” to being able to step properly.  My foot, ankle, and knee were sore first thing in the morning, yet warmed up quickly before before my tea was ready. Minus twitches and spasms that still pull the muscles from time to time, I can walk fully on the balls of my feet. I can take wide or narrow steps, lifting my knee, stepping down on my foot perfectly near every time. My ankle, now only being asked to move in a proper direction (my brain no longer trying to protect my foot I suppose,) is starting to firm up and gain stability to oppose the errant movements.

I was able to jump.  Both feet and landing on both feet- specifically, from the balls of both feet landing on the balls of both feet. I was almost exciting- no, I was excited to see how much I could do with it and started the full round of leg exercises until I could do no more. I would have went for a walk outside today except I was so tired from walking inside. With the house clean now I’ve got maybe a sixty foot path I can walk around inside. With each step, it’s as easy now as they said a year ago, just lift the knee. If I lift my knee, the leg, ankle, and foot do their jobs now.If I lift my knee. Every step, lift the knee. Lift the knee, another step. And my calf, it’s just been lugged around as dead weight for the last sixteen months. Not the last few days, not today. Today I worked it and my knee until they both trembled.

These muscles along with a big chunk of my buttocks are extremely sore, as they’ve been unused. I think I’m going to be amazed with progress in the next week- if I push myself and get some miles done. The spasms and spasticity remain, so no running though being able to jump so well today makes me want to try my jumprope some more.

Got out and ran my errand to Walgreens. Did the dishes and put them away. Noticed hard water stains on some glasses and put them in the sink to soak with some vinegar.

That sentence makes me think I need to find more productive ways to occupy my time. Have been tired all day since the workout this morning. I even took a nap this afternoon- my first in months. Not intentionally, just sat down in my chair to take a break from whatever I was doing at the time and just dozed off.

I think once I can gain some strength in the muscles that are now being used when I walk, I just might be over the hump of all this. Or maybe just the physically exposed parts.. Still have the Spasticity and SM symptoms and now I’ll be able to separate those issues from the simple issue of not being able to physically step properly with my hip, knee, ankle, and foot- all at the same time.

Time to rest.

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