That is a constant. To some extent, it’s not even new, yet not it it much, much worse. I’m slow at doing anything. It bothers me as my mind seems to outpace my physical abilities more often then not.

My foot has been great again, so glad to have this as the new norm. Getting used to standing on it, now properly, will be another process too. I could feel the weight of my body adjusting and compressing my tarsal’s. Before long a sore, burning and throbbing feeling was moving up my leg. Then I’d just walk it off and stand on it some more.

Was going to go to Walgreens today to make a deposit into my chime account . I went out and needed to inflate my tires. While doing that I heard, then saw my neighbors out on their porch. Was nice to be able to walk over and visit for a while.

Once I walked back and finished with the tires I somehow got distracted and still haven’t finished my errand. Tomorrow, I guess (I’m literally guessing.)

Coming downstairs this morning was nice, the downstairs looks really good being this clean. It just seems to put a smile on my face. Today seemed to lack adventure. Oh, I did walk over to family dollar to pick up a half dozen pints of butter pecan ice cream. That was good, but I wouldn’t call it an adventure.

A slow day, a short post.. life seems be getting dull here. No walk today.. maybe I could find real trails tomorrow? Idk, or sit here all day wondering about stuff I can’t control. Oh well..

Time to rest.

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