Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before. Somehow, I’m still working to internalize it, even though I know it’s a really good idea. Maybe tomorrow I suppose.

Today has been a really, really good day. The last two weeks of stretching have paid off. I’ve had extreme tightness on my left foot and ankle since my original incident. Being able to force myself into a squat position has helped me crush through that stiffness and really work my ankle around. That combined with a dozen different stretches and exercises I’ve done continuously for months. The tightness in my left leg has comes to its end at my foot, pulling my foot inward and curling and clenching my left toes. In the last year that I’ve been standing again, each and every step has been burying and grinding my clenched up left toes into the ground.

Today, that changed. From my first few steps out of bed this morning that just felt good, by the fifth or sixth I was in the bathroom and looked down. After my knee raised the step, I could extend my leg, press down with my heel and keep my toes unfurled as I landed on my entire balanced foot. My heel, the ball, the entire toe pad, big toe and the little ones too, all pressing down evenly balancing my weigth. In the shower it felt like my foot was a suction cup, just sticking to the shower floor where I placed it.

I did some cleaning and organization this morning then built a shopping list. Usually I go to Kroger, yet I needed conditioner and I can only find the the brand I like (Mane & Tail) at Walmart. I should have ate before I went, yet now I am well stocked with food. And eggs and bacon for the morning. Hmm.. that should get me up early, well maybe. The walking and shopping was amazing, my body was able to easily do the task without a physical challenge.. just going to the grocery store.

Made dinner and cleaned up more. I had returned to my baseline, yet now I exceeded it a bit. I even brought out the vacuum for my rug. I took it easy on the exercises today, and just spend time walking around enjoying my foot. It’s a bit sore and slightly swollen now, yet should be good to go again by the morning. With my toes unclenched, the ball and heel of my foot can be pressed apart with every step. I stood a good bit today, yet still didn’t want to over do it.  Same as in the shower I was able to balance well on my whole foot, even the ‘edges’ as I could tilt my weight from the outside edge of my foot to the heel, to the ball, across the base of my toes and back to the outside edge.

Tomorrow, a bit walk. I’ve been thinking of coney’s.. hmm.. and my resume.  A job opportunity was presented to me, that as I’ve reviewed it and my options is standing out more and more to me.  It is time to put on tie and get a job.

Time to rest.



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