The pattern continued, late starting my post, late going to sleep, sleeping in later to compensate, yet still getting less sleep. Making me tired and even more sluggish the next day, causing the repeating progressive pattern. In the past, I wouldn’t let it bother me, at some points my entire circadian rhythm has flipped an entire one eighty.

I’ve never been an early riser, yet I somehow miss the consistency of rising at dawn and rising well rested. Starting at nine thirty, I am slightly ahead tonight. To ensure it stays that way, it will be a short post tonight.

Which fits well with the day. A day I didn’t seem to get anything done off my list, though my exercises have gone really well today. With my left foot, I was able to press up onto the ball of my foot, forcing my ankle up and out to stand on my toes on both sides.

I might have only held the position for a few seconds through intense burning, it felt as if I was trying to lift the weight of the world, rather than just a quarter of my body weight. Striving to not release my achievement, i held until my leg collapsed, tremblingly, as if it had been holding the weight of the world.

Lots more standing today, and hanging and inverting. My lower spine is starting to less tight, or perhaps just more accustomed to the task.

After dinner, I rinsed my dishes and came to sit. Looking at the clock and planning how to push and get an item or two off my list tonight, I’m thinking better off it.

Better a short list and an early night, perhaps waking a dawn, well resting and ready to hit the ground running.

Time to rest.

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