A(nother) new website..

Welcome. Over the years – from a young technology enthusiast in the eighties, an Internet user in the early nineties, a business owner since the late nineties, a skydiver since the mid-aughts, a local political candidate and elected representative in the late teens, and especially as an amateur photographer – I’ve acquired my fair share of websites, domains and tons of content that I’ve created, coded, captured, written, or designed.

Sadly, I’ve created much more than I’ve collected, and certainly more than I’ve ever organized together into a single location – even though, that was always the goal – and much has been spread among various social media accounts here and there. Even when I’ve tried and actually kept up at maintaining a blog, so much content I create ends up “off-topic” from whatever the currently kept blog is, that much still hasn’t gotten posted…

The dream, of course always for one far off day when the world would just hold still for a few weeks, that I should create a list of lists, a blog of blogs, an ever master website of websites that would have a category and position for every possible piece of content that I could conceive – ahh, my own personal multisite, all cross-linked and ready for indexing..  ahh to dream, if only I’d ever have the time.

Now with a few weeks of downtime due to the Corona, I’m taking the chance to collate, collect, and relocate all of my online content to a single domain. Whether I’ll be any more successful in this endeavor, than I’ve been at any previous point remains to be seen, yet now perhaps we’ll see the beginning…  Hmm, now to get going.  What to put online first?

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