hey hey

its the monkeys.

Yes, I am a bad blogger. Now we see where the problem is… I’ll keep working on it! I’ll make myself post once a week, no – twice a week.

By forcing myself to practice posting regularly, I’ll make myself a better blogger. Right? Hmm, this time.. maybe I should solve the problem differently. Seriously though, writing quality content on a regular routine is not easy for me; and maybe it shouldn’t be. For whatever reason or not, I seem to be a very multi-faceted with my vocations and avocations, and as expected, this inversely affects my attention span on any one of those topics, much less time lost to transient thoughts that always seem to saunter, nay drift through my mind…

So, my answer:  the very site on which this first and finally the last bit of log has now been posted. Huh? You might be asking; rightly so. This site is actually a `multi-site`. A usual installation of a content management system holds only the pages and posts of a single website, however a multi-site goes one step further (or, one step back?) and has one website that from within itself can create pages, posts, and also whole new websites each with their own pages and posts too.

The premise? Why would I try hard to post a bad blog post here, when it would always be easier to make a good post somewhere else? What if today my mind *SQUIRREL* look at the clouds, now we’re taking pictures. Lets make a photography post today!