Post-election Day

Do you want to know why I think yesterday was too full? Because when I went to write my story last night I forgot to mention that I walked (with my cane,) all the way down to Frosty Boy and had a Tin Roof Sundae. Before summer ends, I would like to be able to walk- even with my cane if I must- all the way to Dairy Queen. I have to keep going every year so that they will remember how to make a Triple Chocolate Eutopia, it’s been off the menu for perhaps a decade. Yet, some people there still remember how to make it if you ask nicely.

I stayed up just a touch late last night, easy to do with the go-go boost of the Vyvanse back in my life. Even now it’s ten oh seven and my mind is telling me I’m wide awake even though I’m already yawning. I woke up shortly after seven this morning, downstairs for a bit of TV before going back up for pills & shower at eight-thirty. Then down to my desk. With everyone waking up to the news of yesterday’s election results, there was a lot of “commotion” online- that is, many different parties were making motions, not working together to debate a single motion.

One thing I learned about being on Council, is how to work with different people. Often in our lives, we all seem to surround ourselves with people, places, and things that make us happy and we do our best to look less on the things that detract from our own happiness. The natural result is that many of us are accustomed to environments where our opinions are either respected or tolerated. However, once broadening any conversation to the City-scale we are all presented with others and with others opinions that may make us uncomfortable.

However, if I feel uncomfortable in a conversation, that does not necessarily mean the other person is “wrong”- in fact, the other person and myself might not even agree on what “wrong” means. Even that is a personal opinion that we each are entitled to; again the people you surround yourself with likely agree for the most part on what is “wrong” and what isn’t.

Especially when there are not pre-existing personal relationships, effective online communication is harder- yet, I belive it is possible. I believe that individually and at a small scale, we can leverage the Internet and social media, to promote truth.

How? I think first by politely questioning things that we see or hear (or read,) that we feel may be false. Clarifying questions like “So, are you saying…” or “Just in this case, or is that your general opinion” or even “If you say so okay and I’ve heard other people say other things too.”

In every case, leaving open the possibility that I might be wrong. If something is making me uncomfortable, I hope I am wrong. And by stating my possibly errant beliefs publically, I am also most quickly exposing them for correction.

By noon, I was screenshotting conversations and adding to my site, that was all done sitting at the tall stool at the standup desk. Later in the day, I saw and added a reply to a post our Mayor had made. In a statement of nine sentences, I scored him at eight point five true phrases- that is almost 95% accuracy, well above average results (yes, I know I’m a bit nit-picky, yet accuracy matters to me.) Though this was not an issue-based post by him, it was election-related and something I could read he was passionate about.

Later in the day, I got ambitious and decided to try to put a dent in my backyard. This is now its second summer being unkept and my neighbors have been gracious, so I’d really like to keep the backyard under the height of the privacy fence so that I don’t attract public code inspectors. I don’t know how many years ago I bought it, yet way back when I bought a machete at a yard sale. Likely at least ten, if not fifteen years ago and it has sat propped up in the corner of some room or another ever since.

Today, I needed a machete, again. I had already beat down the side yard and mowed it once now. Today I wanted to cut a dent into the backyard. I was able to chop down about another hundred and fifty square feet before my body told me to stop. Tomorrow I’ll try to clear out what I chopped today, which will be difficult. Two years ago, I had a half dozen large antennas laying in the yard- they are still there at ground level- the weeds/shrubbery has grown up, around, and through them.

Untangling weeds. Ahh, it’s good work, I shouldn’t complain. Will work on that more tomorrow. Received a phone call from Progressive, they have now arranged for an in-person valuation of my car as I was unhappy with their devaluation due to surface rust. My car is a queen, well cared for and she still has another hundred thousand miles left in her, maybe more. Their max payout is the extent of the damages up to 70% of the value. I might go wash and wax her tomorrow morning.

Also, I need to get signed up for college classes- and find a tutor to help make sure I can navigate the online portions. I’m not as much worried about the classwork (ha, I’m at the point I can pump out words on paper with no issues at all!) Rather, it’s all the different logins and the different portions of their student network. Everyone wants you to sign up for everything and find all the forums and stuff yourself. I know I can figure it out, yet as slow as I am now, it would likely be a week after the first assignment was due, then I’d be behind, then I’d drop.

If I can see it coming, I can prevent it. Nothing like saying “Hi, I’m a TBI guy, can I get a tutor?” Oh well, if that’s what it takes to get the job done, so be it. A degree would be so cool. Finishing an educational curriculum would be a good thing for me. Goals.

Okay, topped 1000 words, with the other writing today, I feel good.

Time to rest.


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