We the People of Jackson

I’ve recently joined a new Public group on Facebook. I like the name of it and I feel included, and I am interested in the subject matter that I see being discussed surrounding our local elections.


I am not a ‘group former’. I did try before for the Third Ward in 2017, yet there wasn’t much discussion and I didn’t know how to reply best to some responses. As a first-time candidate and not a previous office holder, I did not yet understand or comprehend the full measure of things that I would learn and become aware of over the next five years.

I do believe I am a good contributor to public discussions. I feel this is ‘the’ essential skill for any member of the Council, composed of four requisite abilities: listening, talking, reading, and writing (in that order.) As long as a candidate is found honorable in some way, has not been found dishonorable in any recent and pertinent way, and is a citizen of our City, I feel they are a qualified candidate for the job of council member or mayor; and as long as we have two such candidates in each race, I feel we will have a good election season- a public debate of requisite abilities and then a full public vote on November 7, 2023.

I feel we have two such candidates in John Wilson and Daniel Mahoney. As I have already supported John Wilson with my vote in the primary, I will continue on that path unless my mind is changed. As above- the key quality that I will judge (with my vote,) is the best of these two persons’ ability to engage in public discussions related to our city governance.

The one small issue I have with this group, which I hope to help, is the size. There are currently 1244 members, and yesterday over 2700 ballots were cast in our election. I think it would be great if there was a single Public Facebook Group that included every citizen in our City.

To that end, I invite you- if you are a resident of the City. (In my opinion, if you’re a non-resident, join too! As a person in the county or somewhere else, your outside perspectives are sometimes most valuable- hopefully you will label your opinions as such so that your perspective can be fully appreciated by all.)

Here now below, was one of my first small discussions today:



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