Still no list

Woke up earlier and now going to sleep a bit earlier too. Time change I’d having it’s effect on me. Or maybe it’s the weather. Cool all day, I still had the windows open as I worked and cleaned. Clouds, rain, and a bit of humidity are welcome changes with the geography.

The availability of my comfy chair is not so welcome. Last year, I grew way too accustomed to watching the world go by out my window from my bed or that chair, that it is not a habit that I can allow to continue.

My body had been sore most of the day, yet I should expect that after yesterday. Sit-ups, pull-ups, and squats. One nice thing about being home, other than the pull-up bar and ab bench themselves, is I don’t have to worry about as many ‘what else’s in then day to day.

Meaning if I shred my abs tomorrow trying to get three pull-ups instead of two and can’t move the rest of the day- that’s okay. This place has plenty of heat and food and water on tap.

Same with walking, if I’m going to be in a comfy place, I need to work a lot harder to earn it. And a list, tomorrow a list..

Time to rest.

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