Oh did I sleep. I woke a few times and back to bed, finally at eleven am I was up.

I didn’t get a chance to even start a list, it was obvious, I needed to clean. This place hasn’t been properly cleaned in over a year. Odd, yet right back at home, to spend a day inside. Yet the difference from the last time I moved about this building is night and day.

Previously the only flat land I’ve has been the Walmart walks, practicing my tall posture and long strides with a cart. The norm has been walking outside on rough ground, or hunched over in a tent. And comparatively a lot more ground work and crouching in and over my car out there.

Yesterday was and today started easy, also it stayed that way, kind of. All flat and level ground in here, minus piles of trash and laundry and pizza boxes that I had to step over and around.

After pills, breakfast and tea, I got up and just started moving with a walk out the door, up to Leroy Street, then down and around the bank. On my way back in I grabbed my big yellow trash bags from the car. (I’ve so far left the car packed, I am still fully mobile.)

It was honestly a lot easier than I thought, as I think my mind was judging by my old capabilities when I was here last. Vacuuming wasn’t much different than metal detecting, heavier and harder to push, yet it doesn’t have to be held in the air either.

The upstairs done and the downstairs half way down, I think I did well not getting distracted and stayed fairly productive. By the end of the day my muscles have gotten pretty sore, especially down by my sacrum. All the level walking has me pushing my pelvis forward a lot more and I can feel my sacrum pushing against its pair of six inch bolts.

Not done cleaning yet, though next in my list should be to schedule an appointment with my doctor while I’m in town. I wonder how/when/if I could get these bolts removed.

I think I’m still adjusting to time change or just otherwise catching up on sleep, yet I’ll let it ride for another day or two.

Time to rest.

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