Second post

It was cold this morning. A see your breathe kind of cold. With my blankets and mummy bag, I was perfectly warm, yet I had no motivation to get moving very quickly. Gladly, I was also in no rush to use the restroom either, so I was able to relax for a while in bed.  I did reach over and turn on one of the burners on the stove to warm the tent up. It only takes a minute or two to make it toasty warm in the tent. Then I was ready to exit my cocoon.

A few minutes in the tent to put on my shorts and sandals and to stand to exit.  Let’s reflect there- I stood to exit. After two weeks of living inside of a four foot four inch tall tent, the changes in the flexibility of my hips especially and also my knees has been amazing. Add in the hunched over walking in and out of this tent, which seems to stress my quads mostly, and I have seen a lot of growth and progress over the last two weeks. And that’s not even to mention the trek poles!

My first steps this morning were great, my hips are starting to open up and I can get my left leg further out on it’s step, which helps keep my balance. Usually I play on my phone while my water boils, yet this morning I was eager walk, so I paced back and forth doing big wide lunging steps while I waited. It takes a lot of effort and intentional thought to get it out that far, yet practice practice. In my free time the rest of the day I focused on trying to stretch my pelvic floor.

I think that’s what it’s called- the bunch of muscles between my anus and my testicles.  Sitting in my chair with my legs as wide open as possible- or if I’m laying down I’ll pull both knees up to my chest and out as far as possilbe. Then alternating one knee at a time while flexing the other as far out as possible. Altogether, it is getting better still, slowly but surely.

Tomorrow will be a big day, tear down, load up, and move on.  Plan to fill up my water tank on the way out, that is seven gallons- enough for three or four days at my current usage. I’m still deciding where to spend tomorrow night. I’ve got a lot of options.

I could rent a night up at the main campground for eight dollars, that might be my best choice, as it would let me charge up my batteries to full before hitting the forrest.  The batteries have been doing great, better now that I’m not camping in the car (the electric blanket is so very nice for the cold weather in the car, yet sucks a lot of juice.) Yet at the same time, they have been slowly draining down.  In fourteen days now, I have not plugged in at all. The only charging has come from the three solar panels and from the engine inverter when the car is on and running.

Okay, apparently the answer is no, I can’t lay down for just a second before I finish typing this post.. feel asleep again. Okay, busy day.. packing, moving, setup up somewhere different.  A few vague plans, maybe the BLM place towards the forest, maybe up in the established campground, we’ll see.

Time to go.

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