One more day

Not how I thought the day would go.  Woke up at sunrise, maybe even a few minutes before. I wanted to lay and relax for a while, yet I decided to run up to the restrooms first. On my way back it occurred to me that I had never finished my post, rather had fallen asleep early two nights in a row.

Well, is it possible to fall asleep too early? Early to bed, early to rise.. right? I’ve been rising early, yet I’m usually up until twelve or later. One issue I think is that in my tent I can’t sit up comfortably.  Yes it has been great for exercise and stretching, yet to relax and type, I just can’t seem to do it in there. After a while, I’ll lay down on my back with my laptop on my lap to type. That works, yet also leads to tiredness. Makes me wonder if I had my post typed early and laid down before ten, if I would still sleep through til sunrise.

Today, if I counted right, I was due to leave the Brantley Lake primitive area, and after I returned to the site from the restroom, that was the next step.  I just thought I’d lay down in the tent for a second first, to finish the publish last nights post. It was comfortable of course, and knowing from two weeks ago that I could pack everything in the car in three hours if I needed to, I delayed. Thought I deserved an hour I guess. on the iPad.

Somewhere just before noon, having dozed in and out a few times, I finally crawled back out of the tent. I have the tarp/front tent up, have had it up since I got here, yet I don’t really use it much I suppose.  Mostly, it helps keep the wind out of my main tent and gives me a place to store gear where it won’t get blown away. Out of the tent, I took seat at my chair. Motivation was not with me, not today.

I had lunch, considered a walk to go shower before I packed, played with my radios for a while, considered a walk just to take one – took a walk and sat back done. Still didn’t feel like packing. At some point I began to wonder and I’ve wondered before, what might the rangers do in the morning. Do they even keep count of the visitors and the days we’re here?

Once I came to that conclusion, that I would stay one more night, I thought, how could I make tonight better- how could I make sure I posted before I slept, and if possible did so at a reasonable time so that I might wake up early- and eager to get moving and working.

Instead of packing, I went back to tent making with another tarp to wall off the south side of my A frame front tent. The entrance is now on the north side though a gap between the tents. Once inside, I can easily clip the two together and almost completely keep the wind out. Well, I can tonight- the wind is only ten or maybe fifteen out there right now. Moved the Coleman grill out here into the front tent to cook dinner and the flames are enough to warm up this larger space.

Maybe not quite as well as the small tent, yet here I am at almost ten still ‘outside’ as I would have said before, outside of the tent, yet still warm enough to sit in my chair with my feet up comfortably to type this post. If my tent is a bedroom, I’ve just full terraformed this tent into a living room and kitchen. This seems to work better. Okay, tomorrow is the day to end up somewhere.

Time to rest.


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