Too much work

The title says it all.  My body hurts. I almost didn’t have the energy to set up a tent for the night and considered sleeping in the car. It’s not even eight and I’m typing now to ensure I don’t fall asleep first. My body hurts, did I mention that?

I vastly over estimated my ability to pack and move today. Three hours I said, ha. What I forgot was that was how much time it took me to load the car last time.  That time, I wasn’t tearing down a campsite, I was simple loading everything into the car- that took three hours.

Today, I had a full campsite.  Actually, my biggest campsite yet. I had the radio mast out, the big tent, the front tarp tent, so much. A lot of it was just cleaning too- as I’ve been living in that campsite for two weeks.

All together, just too much work.  I should have started yesterday.  Next time I’ll know I guess. Oh well. For now, I made it out of the primitive area, all the way up to the established campground.

Plugged the car in to charge the battery bank, after two weeks it was down to thirty percent, not bad I thought. Then, like I mentioned, I just sat in the car for a while, too exhausted to move.  Finally, I decided to start with a shower, that was good.

Clean, I went back to sit in the car.  Eventually, I talked myself into setting up the small tent- my original tent, just big enough to sleep in. That done, I pulled out the small propane burner to heat up some beef stew for dinner, with extra beef and veggies.

Tomorrow, I should be up and out of here early. I plan to stop in Carlsbad to visit the National Forest office there, then on to the forrest. My first stop there will be Sitting Bull Falls – yeah, waterfalls.  Waterfalls in New Mexico, didn’t imagine that.

Two days in row with no photos, sorry.  Will make up for it with waterfall pics tomorrow.

Time to rest.

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