The gym

Little up, little down, little here, little there.  Scattered.  Yeah, that is how I’m feeling.  Slept great on the table, it does not have the same cozy feeling as a wood picnic table, yet that length was amazing.  It was thirty five degrees last night. Tonight is twenty one.

I’m still deciding if I’m going to be scared of a little below freezing temperature.  As if that is a reason not to enjoy stretching out on that table.  The mummy bag did say it was good down to zero degrees.  Hmm, I should make sure they were using the fahrenheit scale.

Having free electricity I used it last night to run a recondition cycle on the car starter battery. All night it sat with its charger until I disconnected it today to go shopping at the only local grocery store. Then I couldn’t find my pipe.. twenty minutes later, the car battery wouldn’t start itself.  Done, done dealing with it. Back on the charger while I googled for a local replacement.

Gladly, it was only one hundred and forty dollars, with the core return of course. I expect this to be the end of it’s issues.

After breakfast this morning (after a late start.. slept in until just past nine thirty mountain time,) I spent some time thinking about this adventure and my goals. Sure all the work on the car has been fun, yet that is not what I’m here to work on. However, the car project did get me moving, and twisting, and bending.. it was a good project.

Yet, now it is done (well, few more things on the will do list..) the digipeater is up and running great. Yet I thought, I haven’t been walking to actually put it into use.  Walking well, got a little boring once I saw the spasticity in my ankle.  Knowing what it’s done with my knee (I can fully bend and flex my knee, yet if I try to kick a ball (moving my knee quickly) it freezes up.

With the condition affecting my ankle also, I know there will be no running in my future. Not in any type of proper form at least. In any case, being a bit down about it was it all took to take all the fun out of walking.  Looking out my drivers side window across the park, I saw a large play structure. And I thought, that kinda looks like fun.  It has twisty slides, a rockwall, bridges, and platforms.  Very similar to the one at Cascade falls park in Jackson.

The park has been empty other than a few people walking and a few vehicles and rv in the parking section.  As silly as it might sound, that got me moving.  I was going to go play on the toy structure.  Climb the rock wall and try to balance across the wiggly bridge.  It sounded a lot more fun than just taking a walk.  And a lot less painful than going to the gym.

Wow did I get a glorious surprise. Just on the other side of the play structure that I couldn’t see from the car, was a full size adult play structure. Six or eight stations each made for gravity/body weight exercises. I went to the first station and did all three exercises, one set for each leg.  It was fun.  So much so, I did a few extra on the last set.  (A simple stepping box, one foot up, two feet up, one foot down, two feet down.)

I would have done more yet, I also had to finish the walk.  The loop around the lake is only seven tenths of a mile, yet with the gym in the middle, it is more than enough. I am looking forward to a lap in the morning.  And I suppose, there is no reason not to try some of the other stations for my core, arms, etc.. that shouldn’t interrupt my ability to walk back. we’ll see.

Need to work on getting more sleep.  I can post earlier. Go to sleep earlier.. because, I’m not going to change the time of sunrise, so I’d better control the variable that I can.

Starting to plan a little more for the forrest.  Moving is the expense part.  If I can park for fourteen days, I shouldn’t need to go to a grocery store five times. I need to be able to park and not move (the car) for those fourteen day.  I need to start experimenting with more canned meats.

Okay, enough for now.

Time to rest.

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