A day off

No Walmart walk today, not much of anything today really.  Maybe it’s time change, maybe the drive catching up with me.  Maybe a cold night sleeping in the car.

After posting, I intended to get up, grab my sleeping bag from the camp bag strapped on back, go stretch out on the picnic table.  I also wanted to let myself enjoy some Netflix and smoke a bowl. Then I feel asleep in the car. And it was cold, forty or so.  No sleeping bag (as it was way far outside in the cold) I decided to see if I could survive the night with the two blankets I keep in the cab of the car.

Almost, rolling around at five am, the blankets just couldn’t contain the heat being generated.  I reached to the backseat one more time for a few yards of red ZP fabric. On the list of things not to be left- I still want to make myself a jacket from this material one day; and I certainly couldn’t have if I didn’t bring it with me.

For now, it was the perfect top layer that I needed to get though the night.  Now, I already have the bag pulled out from back, as soon as I click publish, I’m going to lay down. I need to stretch.

Today was a day off.  Yes, yes, I woke. I prayed, I moved (not so much,) I worked (not a lot,) and I accomplished things off the list.  Yet it was sedentary. However, I stopped to smell the flowers today.  Got high, enjoyed five bars of LTE coverage and a power outlet.  Yeah- the three days here in the city park includes electricity! And I found the next town to the north has a similar city RV park, that could be the next stop.

At one point, I decided I wanted to go walk with a cart, so a quick lookup on google maps to see which one would be closest.  Ha.  In the middle of them all.  Seems that this corner of the State doesn’t have one within forty five miles.

Was windy, cold (from the chill,) dry and sunny today.  Hmm, sounds like desert.  Also, a deep smell of refineries and gasoline whiff through at various times. Yet.. this place is kinda nice.  I like the industrial covered tables.  If it got real cold, it would be easy to wrap with a tarp and would be nearly windproof at the top unlike the design at the state park.

And the table.. ohh.. that picnic table is just a few feet out from my drivers side window and it is a long table.  Expanded metal top, heavily coated in protective plastic, won’t have the warmed wood feel as the last table, yet my feet won’t hang off of this one; yet don’t knock the picnic table for that, the same happened on my bed in Michigan.

I’ve decided after the last year and half, I should no longer support my daily and monthly budget with credit card debt. It is irresponsible and at some point I will run out of available credit and will be stuck with a lot of high minimum payments.  We’re there.  No more CC.

Today was a day to take account of my accounts.  My food budget is phenomenal.  My Amazon budget is over, except for necessities (ha, another word with moving definitions.) My gasoline budget is going to be tight.  Time to find that forest to bed down in until Alaska.. until Alaska warms enough for me.  Idk, time to start the boon docking life on a budget.

In good news, once I finish with the last car projects (at least I got the last few parts that I needed in advance,) this should give me the time I wanted.. Wake, move, work.. (one the list is finished.) Walk, photograph and write..

Looking forward to the forest.

One year since I escaped Florida, rather, since I was rescued from Florida by my sister.  She came down to bring me home.  She came down to bring me back to Michigan.  This journey is going to get harder, it’s been easy so far.

I will learn how to produce value or I will be stuck.

Time to rest.

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