I got jumped..

Blue Skies MagazineWell it’s not everyday (okay, never) that I get to see myself in a magazine, but as of today that changed. Coincidentally, I myself am a recent subscriber, so this was also the first issue I’ve received – with me in it!  One of regular columns in the mag is called “Jump A Random Stranger”, and yes, if you turn to the back of issue #3, you’ll find.. me! Just one more thing I’ll have to thank Twitter for!

Everyone already receives The Parachutist, which as published by the USPA displays the professionalism of our sport. I think Blue Skies displays us – when we’re not trying so hard to be professional! If you haven’t already subscribed, get over there and do it! It’s worth the cost of a jump ticket to read the stuff that got them kicked out of their first printer!

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