Everything in skydiving has a disclaimer (if not a 19 page waiver), so I thought it was about time this blog got one. Please, let me know if there is something here I missed.

Above all else is experience, or lack thereof. Nothing is more important about a piece of information than it’s source. I fully disclose my current experience level on my About the Author page. Most of my videos are also tagged with the current jump number as well.

Some of my posts could be interpreted as offering advice. They are not. I only offer advice or instruction to my students, in person. Anything you see here is merely the online opinion of one skydiver; my opinions posted here do not represent any dropzone. At some point, I may say “and this is some advice I’ll give you…”, then you must realize two things: First, look at my current experience level. Secondly, what I really mean is “This is something you should discuss with your local Instructors”. Seriously:


On the other end of that spectrum, if you’re a well seasoned skydiver or Instructor, and see something I’ve posted here, that even with the above warning, is likely to cause more harm than good to the sport or any person, please comment and tell me why! I’m always looking to learn something new and this blog can’t be what I want it to be if it’s not true. I believe censuring content online is against the rules, but as always, I will bend the rules in the interest of the greatest safety at any time.

Speaking of the content you’ll see here, yes, you can presume it’s all mine. All text, images, and videos are my original work unless otherwise credited, or unless otherwise completely obvious. If you would like to use one of my video’s or images, or would like to quote me, feel free – but please include a link back to the original content here.

Skydiving, in my humble opinion, is the worlds greatest sport. I truly hope that everyone that reads this blog will be enticed to come and try it. You will not normally read in this blog all the bad parts of the sport, but yes, they do exist. Bad weather happens, a lot in Michigan, and many days we stand around not able to jump. When we do jump and successfully land, we have to spend another ten minutes packing our parachute before we can do it again. In this sport, you will also meet some of the rudest, egotistical, and most talented people in the world. I think it used to be me, don’t let it be you!

Realize that I am very biased towards the sport. If you’re considering your first skydive, I highly recommend it, but do your research and make your own decision. Wouldn’t you feel silly if you jumped out of a plane and got hurt only because somebody on the Internet told you to do it? Be educated, be safe; blue skies & see you on the plane!

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