Aerodyne demo canopies!

Well, at first I thought the weekend might have been a wash, the weather looked awful and I had both my boys with me for the weekend. Ahh, but low and behold, due to the Hop-n-Pop only weather all the staff was not busy doing Tandems, and the Aerodyne people decided to come a week early.. Luckily my boys were able to spend a day with their Grandmother, and I was able to spend a day trying out a new canopy!

Just for reference, out of my current jumps, I’ve got 40 on student canopies (from 288 to 210) the next 100 on a Sabre-1 190, and the next 150+ on a Pilot 168. For the day I decided to demo the Pilot 150, as that would be my next logical step down. However, the Aerodyne guy, after watching me land a few times, though I’d be fine with the Pilot 140, not so sure myself, what do you think, with my progression and an exit weight of 190 pounds?

Anyway, on to the days video’s! In the first one Jon does a backflip, Chris does a half barrel roll, I do a strut curl exit and wave goodbye to the pilot!

Here are to good examples of stable cessna exits: Jim does a diving exit, Ian goes out poised.

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