hump day jumps

It’s been over a year since my first “hump day jump” (7-9-08, #57) and I can certainly say they’ve turned into being one my favorite days at the dropzone.  It seems there is a different group around and a different pace.  It’s not about cranking out the jumps and turning the loads like on a busy weekend.  Today was one of those days, slow and relaxing, only two jumps, but less is is sometimes certainly more.

As soon as I got to the DZ I could tell the day was a little more hectic than most, Franz was running manifest himself, and it seemed the phone was ringing off the hook.  Rather than bug him to see the next load I could jump on, I just hung out for a moment, next up to the counter was a student looking for coach, good timing. We were quickly manifested and starting some ground training for his jump. Kent had a good jump and was able to get an adjusted fall rate & dock and a swoop and dock checked off his A card.


After that, Dale was putting together a small way with some of the newer jumpers around this year, I of course, was glad to jump into the mix!


The sad part about days like these?  For me, I know they’re numbered.. my boys will be back to school in a few weeks, and I’ll be back to a weekend jumper 🙁

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