Beer rules..

Three years into the sport and there are lot of things I’ve figured out about the sport; and a lot i’m still working on. I can fly my body well enough I think, I can sideslide, backup, and float to get back to my slot when I need to (#243, a 3 point 11-way). I fly with a lot of newer jumper to help them build their group skills, and now I’m rated to fly with unlicensed students to help them build those same skills. One that I haven’t quite figured out all the are the beer rules.

Now skydivers are certainly a thirsty bunch and I would say all of them (with just one or two exceptions to prove the rule) would take an ice cold beer at the end of any jumping day. And do you know what makes that beer taste better? If another skydiver has to buy it for them! Enter the beer rules.

It starts with the “first” (as anything should). The first skydive. The first skydive with a friend. The first skydive out of a Cessna. The first skydive from a turbine. The list goes on.. and on.. and on..It is obviously the most senior of the skydivers (in their abundant wisdom, they might say) created these rules, as the vast majority favor them. The exception of the “first jump on new gear” rule, most skydivers only get stuck by each rule once, in the beginning – right when they’re getting stuck with all other ones too. However, as each skydiver grows within the community – you’ll hopefully find yourself drinking more beer than you’re buying. Which is just fine, you’ve paid your dues.

After a recent most successful skydive (#253 a 4 point 8-way) I was challenged by the skydiving beer rule! As I read through my log book, I did start to get a little worried.. I found a lot more 4, 5, 6-ways than I remembered.. It certainly seemed as if I had made that accomplishment before. Finally as flipped through the last half dozen pages, the jumps I recalled came out:#232 a 6 point 9-way, #233 a 5 point 9-way, #235 a 4 point 8-way, and even #243 a 3 point 11-way! Sorry Rhonda, but I’m glad to say that thanks to good logging practice, I do believe I’ve saved myself a case of beer! To note though, I’ll have ice cold case ready for the first 16-way I can get into, points or not!

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