The long road to an A license..

Honestly, I’d been a while since I’d read through my old notes I used to keep, quite awhile since I’d closed my eyes and thought about my first jumps as a student. That first time I ever saw an open airplane door at altitude and felt that nervous anxiety of knowing you were about to jump out of a plane. Perhaps I, nay, perhaps we all, take it for granted. Yes, we can all non-chalantly take a plane ride, many of us dozing off, or just closing our eyes and wishing we could. Looking out the window.. bored, all the way to altitude. More worried about how many points we’ll make, then to even consider “omg, we’re jumping out of an airplane”.

Perhaps becuase I did just recently get my coach rating, now was a very good time for me to read back and remember. And, in the process of that, I’ve went back through my own log book, and the notes I kept then, and have added those stories here. For any that are interested, here is the journey I took in June, July, August, and September of 2007.

How many of you take your experience for granted? Do you remember the racing heartbeat of your first jumps? What was your experience before jumping out of an airplane was just another day?

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