My first skydive!

Jump #1

Okay everyone; check out the new photo album to see all the jump pictures.. In a few days I’ll have all the video too, just have to wait for them to finish it.. I got all the pictures though just about as soon as we landed the plane…

If anyone is interested… I’ll think I.ll be heading up there next weekend for my first Category B jump, as I just passed my Cat A with this first jump…

I can only say that this is an absolutely amazing adrenaline rush… 50 seconds at 120 mph while heading straight AT THE GROUND… I jumped at about 5:30pm (about 7 and 1/2 hours ago) and my heart is still racing… This isn’t no quarter mile sprint… This is a nearly three mile high jump out of a perfectly good airplane, just to see if you can DO IT… AND still save your ass!

Everyone, head over to my pictures and check them out… leave some comments… and hey, let me know who’s joining me next weekend!!?

Here is the video! It was an AFF jump, that I did with Napoleon Skydiving in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Thanks again to my Instructors Brenda and Todd.

Edit: Sorry for the muted video – just play the second video of Danger Zone in a background video while you watch it!