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Maybe a cargo hitch

 Jeromy  December 8, 2022  2 Comments on Maybe a cargo hitch

I was starting to get a little worried about space. Yes, I plan to pack light.  However, I have a Mustang.. and the GT package…

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Dinner at Cheddar’s

 Jeromy  December 7, 2022  0 Comments on Dinner at Cheddar’s

Though the car is still not ready yet, I do have some nice wheels for the weekend, as I’m starting to get tapped out on…

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Sorting, sorting, sorting.

 Jeromy  December 6, 2022  3 Comments on Sorting, sorting, sorting.

Just putting clean and pack on my list on Monday was bad enough. Worse was the fact that once on the list, I knew I…

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An APRS radio day

 Jeromy  December 5, 2022  1 Comment on An APRS radio day

Ahh, I had been waiting for today, among many projects on my list, this is one I have been looking forward to the most.  Then…

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To be blessed and honored among friends.

 Jeromy  December 4, 2022  1 Comment on To be blessed and honored among friends.

As I recall, the last conversation at the table as we looked around at one another, was: how had we all met? With smiles and…

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Cutting chains, one day at a time.

 Jeromy  December 3, 2022  0 Comments on Cutting chains, one day at a time.

Freedom. What is it? Where is it? How is it? What is it? Why is it? These are questions I can talk about in my…

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Today’s test post

 Jeromy  November 30, 2022  2 Comments on Today’s test post

I suppose we could call this a ‘stub’ as there is a good chance, if you are quick, it won’t seem like much of a…

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Hello, my name is Jeromy.

 Jeromy  November 28, 2022  0 Comments on Hello, my name is Jeromy.

I have always enjoyed writing as a form of self-expression, once I got to point of enjoying expressing myself 😉 The hard part for me…

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Communication is simple.

 Jeromy  November 26, 2022  3 Comments on Communication is simple.

Writing without an audience is more difficult for me – I must wonder to whom am I writing? What message do I hold, how will…

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