A long day

As I sit here exhausted I thought of a few good reasons I could skip writing tonight; I have written a lot this week and I certainly feel the need to rest.  However, a few sentences couldn’t hurt.

Though it took most of the day, I was able to get a good bit of the sorting done.  With the car not here, I cannot begin packing yet so I’ve just been piling the assemblage into the corner for now. Which honestly is probably best, so that I can see the scope of all that I’ve planned to bring, before loading it in Tetris-style.

For what I don’t have, I am running out of shopping time.  So, I did not waste tonight. As of now, tonights items will be delivered Wednesday, December 13.  However I think (hope) I will have the proper stack of gear.  Perhaps tomorrow I might see if I can link my Amazon cart items so anyone can comment if I’m missing anything.

For now, I’m exhausted.  I had some other plans to break up the day and that didn’t work workout.  So good and bad, as I’m sad I missed that opportunity and also glad I was able to get so much done at home today.

Time to rest.

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