Short post.

Of course, I could write more. Things got done today, the chores, meals and medicine; and I cleaned up the inside of the tarp tent very well.

I had almost forgotten how brutal a windy day can be out here. Last month I couldn’t even stand up outside during the first two bad windstorms and I could just barely move around outside an an ‘average’ windy day in March. It does seem to be calming though, as the last three or four days have been very calm. Not today.  Averaging twenty seven by two pm, gusting up to forty plus.

I have hid inside the tent too much in this place, I really am sick of that part. And on these days, the tarp tent makes so much noise that it’s hard for me to do anything productive in here, such as writing. I did as much as I could inside to prepare to leave, yet the bulk of the work is outside. Just the normal sorting, shifting, packing that I’ve gotten used too.  Yet, I haven’t gotten used to it while walking in a thirty mile an hour steady wind.

Every step is an intense balance and strength exercise, stressing my core from every side as I walked to and fro. After one quick walk to stretch my legs I went to work. With the two solar batteries up front now (loving that choice,) there will be a lot more room in the trunk, and also I’ll be able to pack it tighter without worry of something shorting out or overheating.

I called it a short post, as I truly feel I sat down too much today, and didn’t do as much as I could. Yes, the wind made it twice as hard at least, and yes, my core and legs hurt enough each time I went to sit. Yet, here at the end of the day, they don’t feel so bad- if I had pushed harder, I would have more done and a much better chance of leaving here tomorrow or the day after.

Yes, a thousand words here, and a thousand there, yet really I’m not proud enough of my effort to reminisce to much about this day. I had mashed potatoes today, first time in months, oh so good. Ha, only instant ones too.. just add boiling water.  Saw a new critter, a spotted —–

holy mercy, Blimey just crawled up my blanket to come say hello to me I guess- startled half the holy heck out of me.. what’s that on my leg? oh just the wind (it’s dark in here, just the laptop and the tv for light,) hmm there it is again, go to brush a the blanket wrinkle away and almost knocked the little guy down. He dodged me and held his ground, a few solid seconds of eye lock (so that I would know it was him I guess,) before he bolted down and out. Back into the tarp tent a few seconds later he stopped his can and saw the nuts, then over to where’d I’d left my plate on the ground for a few licks of leftover steaksauce. I tossed a nut and and bounced pretty close to him and rather than running, he stopped and looked at me. Yeah, I think he’s getting used to me.

A spotted squirrel, I think that’s what everyone on Facebook identified it as, was the new critter spotted early today. Just while I sat in my chair looking out the door and saw her (it was pointed out, from the other photos that this may be a pregnant female,) running back and forth. Once I was spotted, she froze until I blinked. Gladly she came back and forth a few times so I was able to at least get my iPhone out for the picture at the top.

Okay, that’s enough- if I want to write more tomorrow, I’ll have to do more tomorrow.

Time to rest.


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