A new start

I really like this campground and Mathis. I can’t imagine a better place I could have been for the last month.  I don’t know if there is another place in the world that was accessible to me that could have resulted in better progress.

When I arrived a month ago I was still bleeding from my surgical wounds, wearing a walking boot and using my cane to get around. I was limited to about a hundred steps with the cane and maybe fifteen without it; a majority of my time was spent sitting. Today I walked two mile, in addition to staying on my feet for most of the day.  I still seem to have some balance issues and although I’m walking, I am still having issues with my left leg.  I noticed today while manually stretching my ankle, that it also demonstrate spasticity.

I’m not sure if even with all that I’m doing, that I’ll every be back to the one hundred percent that I want. Or even the part I really want.. I want to be able to run fast enough to land a small canopy.  Sure, right now I could strap on a rig and float down under a one sixty eight, yet I want to fly my eighty four.

Not much happened today.. woke up just before dawn and came out to the tent to see Kent was gone.  Not sure where he had gone, so I began my day.  Plenty of things I want to do on the car still, yet this is a day of rest. And I needed (and currently need) some rest.

I’m starting a list for tomorrow, it will be a take off list.  This place will fulfill one last objective before I move on: the car project.  As of now I’ve only stayed five or six days, so I can stay another week.  I don’t think I’ll need that much time, yet it is available to me.

I could of course do this in New Mexico, yet I would have to stop my process now, pack/shove everything in, drive across the state, unpack and re-begin.  It just makes since to finish here before I go.

As I didn’t want to do work today, I played on the radio for a while kind of wondering what else to do.  Just about then Kent rolled in.  He had gone for a drive to get some coffee.  We chatted for a while, then went for a walk on catfish point trail.

Relaxing back at camp, we made plans for a meal; I had some steaks to share and he had some sides (after a store run,) potato salad and fresh broccoli to complete the meal.  While he ran to the store, I went to shower.

One thing quickly; previously I’d mentioned the short shower nozzle here before.  Well, there are two showers and only one of them is short.  That was the one I got today, as the other was occupied.  Having toweled off and putting on my shorts in the tiny shower stall cubicle, I stepped out to finish dressing, and noticed the previous occupant of the tall shower stall doing the same.  The I noticed that I knew him:  Bill? I said.

And it was, I’d have to look back to see if I’d mentioned him that day, yet it was the same day I’d met Kent at Mustang Island.  Him and his wife had driven up near the mustang and had questions about my car and antennas out that day.  They were considering a stay next year, and also had questions for the camping on the beach as I was doing there. It was a brief conversation so I may not have mentioned it.

Chatting in the bathroom we caught up on our individual travels over the last week, then I let him to stop over and visit before I left.  They did, Bill and Carol are some really nice people.  Actually, I hadn’t met Carol, Bill’s wife, at the beach, I was on the wrong side of their jeep, when met. Today though, we bonded.

Ahh, I’m so tired, I’m almost falling asleep, I’ll write more int he morning to finish this story.  I want to write about it today, yet I do not need to.  For now its just..

Time to rest.


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