Skydive Incident – Update #8

Long story short, early this week while doing my nightly calisthenics before bed, my hip “popped” as if my femur went somehow fully into my pelvis. From then till now has been an amazing week on almost all accounts. Last week was a struggle over pain (with 10mg of oxy per day) to get 2500 steps. Yesterday I walked (still with a limp) almost 6000 steps with just Tylenol.

The next morning I truly voluntarily skipped Oxycodone for the first time in ten months, with just Tylenol that day I was able to move with comparative ease, my leg just seemed to move into it’s right position without effort and without me having to watch my leg and tell it where to go through painful muscle movements. So that night, with joyful praise to God I flushed the rest of my supply of Oxy.

The next morning, though my leg still be healed (that’s what I’m calling it, lots more exercise to go,) my body was not okay with my choice to discontinue using Oxy – to the tune of about 4 hours of an intense vomiting, chills, nausea, hot flashes, and just an overall enduring sensation of feeling like absolute sh*t. After it passed, I felt great and was up and walking and doing stuff with just Tylenol.

And this has continued and declined each morning all week, only about 30 minutes this morning; five days of this is a price I’m happy to have be able to pay to put an end to a ten month use of just 10mg of Oxycodone per day (more in the beginning.)

If I have now experienced a tenth of a percent, or a tenth of that, or even a tenth of that of what a heroin withdrawal might feel like, may the Lord of Lords and the God of God’s forever reign down His Love, Mercy and Grace on every person, and may we all on Earth follow His lead, that are experiencing pain and suffering from opioid withdrawal for any reason or circumstance, and for whatever length of time might be necessary to deliver healing from their use.

God, I thank you for my healing, through every painful step you walked with me and made me strong enough to so you could heal me, if it pleases you, let me surrender this experience, and all my painful experiences this year to you, for that cause.

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