Jump Number One.

If I could spend another day to doing my very first skydive, again…

I showed up promptly at 8 am and I didn’t bring any water, but my Instructor let me run to the store at first break. The rest of day was spent well, learning all necessary things in between breaks for lunch and rest.

A short plane ride later and I came up to the door for the very first time. I spent 12 seconds there and let go, with a clear and steady count. Then I forgot everything I had ever learned in my entire life for the next five seconds.

However, one minute after my hips first crossed the threshold, I pulled. The canopy flight was good, though I landed 150 feet short of my target! As far as I can see…

I would only change three things:

1. I showed up 10 minutes late.

2. I didn’t bring a case of my favorite refreshment.

3. And most severely, I looked down, repeatedly.

All in all, not a bad day, in fact, one day very well spent in my own humble opinion. Check the original blog post for the videos and pictures, and see for yourself. What do you think? http://www.skydiveblog.com/2007/06/my-first-skydive/

Personally, I’m just glad my Instructors passed me on to Category B.


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