Hump day jumps

Well, this should tell you how busy this week has been for me, I finally blogged last weekends jumps on Thursday and Wednesdays jumps today! And if you’re wondering how I had time to jump on Wednesday if I was so busy… well, good question, but it seems I can normally fit some freefall into my schedule.. I mean, it only takes 60 seconds to get a jump in, right? 😉

The first jump was with Larry and Glenn, a classic three way Larry special skydive – a circle into an open accordion, then breaking the grips, and rotating the pieces.. over and over.. 🙂


On the previous jump Neil was on the plane doing his last student status skydive to jump his first pack job.. upon landing he earned his A license and was able to jump with us for his first licensed jump, his first jump with non-instructional staff, and his first four way… (haha, can we say BEER!) This was the first time I’d seen him jump and was really impressed with both of his docks. Also, watch his exit at about 12 seconds into the video, he had his legs out a bit too much which was causing him to roll forward and loose stability, but with some quick thinking on his part he grabbed his knees and tucked into a front flip and then came out of it right back into a dive.. very nice Neil – but next time keep your feet on your ass when diving! 😉


Not sure what happened to Glenn and Neil after the last dive, but it was down to me and Larry for the last dive of the night, we tried the same dive plan that me and Jon scored 29 points on a few weeks ago, and it went off well, not quite as many points, but still a great dive. The video cut out just before we got the 12th point, but as i recall we finished that cycle right before the end of the dive, would have been 15 points.


With that dive done, it’s put me at 275 skydives so far, so I’m starting to put some thought into where and what I want to do for my 300th skydive.. any ideas? Also, yes I’m aware there is an awful whistling sound in some of the video’s this week. The locking mechanism of my GoPro camera got a small crack in and I’m waiting for the company to send out a replacement part. Until I receive the part to fix it, when the wind catches it right… well, you can hear what happends.. 🙁

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