Things to do

This morning was the earliest I’d woken up in a while, and certainly been one of the rare few times I’ve used an alarm clock this year. I had set it for six just in case I slept through it for a while, yet I rolled over just a minute before it went off. Surprisingly, I slept well all through the night and realized I didn’t need two hours to get myself ready for the hospital. I had Alexa set the alarm for seven and went back to the dark side of the bed.

I did not know the MRI department was open on weekends and the technician told me it stays very busy. I’m very happy that they got me in so quickly, only a few weeks after the request was sent from my doctor. However, I found out when I get there that it was so fast that my insurance had not yet pre-authorized the service, so I had to sign on the line for it, or else be turned away.

Especially now that I might be buying (with yet undetermined funds,) I really hope that the pictures generated today give the doctors something to say. Today was my head and C-spine, tomorrow evening I go back to the bottom two sections, the T-spine and Lumbar.

At this point, the left-sided hemiparesis has still not fully resolved (though better than it was initially,) and although it was immediately noted in the field on the first reports I saw, there was never any diagnostic test to figure out what caused it. That symptom just got rolled into my overall weakness and told to do more PT.

It’s not even ten and I’m yawning already, already notice it’s dark too. Tomorrow I’ve got some work to do, firstly to start a letter to my doctor, to give him the results since the last check-up, and to ensure his plan is being followed through. Next, I think my next post is due to start the process of finding, then bringing about some resolution in regard to recent skydive events. With those two projects started at least, I need to decide on any final name changes so that I can be ready to publish the books soon.

Between yesterday and today, I feel well-rested and I’m guessing I’ll wake up early, which is fine, I could do with an earlier schedule. However the MRI tomorrow is at seven in the evening, so I might end up taking a nap there.

I watched two good movies today. First, a new one I don’t recall hearing of before, “Enders Game”, I think it was- with Harrison Ford. Next, I watched Arrival again, I can’t remember how many years since I’d seen it first. Both are very good movies I thought.

Well, let’s give it a try. Early to bed, early to rise…

Time to rest.


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