Short day.

It started normally, just a little behind schedule. When I’d finished my breakfast and went to take my pills, it was just past 9:30am. Not too late, yet I knew I needed to be in bed early tonight (MRI’s scheduled for 8 am tomorrow morning.) [So I skipped the Vyvance.]

By noon, I was feeling a nap coming on and went upstairs to lay down. Between stretching in bed, then napping, I was in bed til three. I woke up hungry and went to make lunch. Three grilled cheese sandwiches and the last of the strawberry yogurt.

I watched tv downstairs while I ate, then went back upstairs to lay down. Without the second pill I didn’t have the energy to do anything and ended up falling asleep until I just woke up a minute ago.

It’s now ten forty pm and time to make a quick and short post before I return to sleep for the night. Not much to read here today, so an extra chance to read my post from yesterday. My little sister, who art in heaven

Time to rest, more.

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