I should be resting and some notes need to be made.

The baclofen has been working well, really nice actually, one I learn to time it. Two tabs every six hours and my flexibility changes as the drug level absorbs into me, up to a peak, then tightening until the next dose.

My sister visited me today, the second time since she brought me home, she even brought my grand-niece that I just now got to met.

Introduced me to her new boyfriend and picked up my tax packet. For the first time I told her, “you know it really hurt that no one started a gofundme back then”. You were on MSNBC.

She looked down and quietly said “you didn’t tell me to”. I was in a coma. “I didn’t know you had one”. I didn’t I was in a coma, I needed you to make one for me.

“Well…” still looking down, “I guess I could have made one.”

And I sat quiet, not a word I had to say.

Eventually she turned to look at me, “I’m sorry.”

The conversation went on, mostly about babies. Only fourteen months and a tiny little girl, even for her age. Asking first, my favorite treat I got to share. A frozen small KitKat. No surprise, she ended up with my piece too.

Her new boyfriend seemed nice and had a very familiar look.

Okay, tomorrow will be busy; I can think of a million things I need to write or could write and I know I can never remember all of this right now, and maybe I shouldn’t..

Back to resting.

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