Did you order this weather?

Well, it looks like i really need to get back and update this site more often! Eloy was a blast, everything it should have been.. lots of jumps, lots of money spent.. 20 minutes in the tunnel.. high-altitude skydive.. even a hot air balloon jump!

Ahh, but that’s not even why I’m posting today. All winter long, waiting for skydiving season to open, is no easy wait. Mostly it’s the Michigan winters, the combination between the absence of my favorite past-time and just a healthy bit of cabin fever.. it’s not fun, but once it’s done, it’s done.

Opps.. not this year! We had a great opening day this year.. a little cool and windy in the morning, but that settled down very nicely into the evening; I got eight jumps all day (my best ever)! Then the next day, what happens? SNOW! Can you believe it? 6 inches of snow in April? It’s crazy, though, it does look like it will be gone fast enough not to interfere with jumping next weekend.. 🙂

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