Well, though the plans have been in the works for a few months, I wasn’t real sure if i would make it or not. But as of now, I’ve got reason to rejoice, and trust me, I’m loving it. Come hell or highwater, I’ll soon be going on my first vacation in six years!!

Airline tickets are now booked.. come February 11th, I’ll be leaving my way from Jackson to Detriot to board my flight to Eloy, Arizona and Skydive Arizona. Lets all hope the skys are blue, the temps are warm.. and there is NONE of that rare desert snow that week!!


EDIT, 12/18/2022:  Although I figured something out a long time ago (and even logged in my skydiving log book, but not here.)  Even if you have an amazing wife that supports your skydiving habit (I had an amazing wife, yet not so supportive..) if she says that it is “Fine” if you go with the guys to Eloy to skydive on Valentines weekend without her, it is not “Fine”.

Make your choices people… D License or a Divorce?


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