Welcome to 2009

Hard to know the best way to break in a new year.. but i think i did the best i could. New years year spent with good friends, plentiful alcohol, and the obligatory glass of champagne at 12, followed on new years day with what surely will become my new wintery tradition: A skydive!

I couldnt advise this for the faint of heart, but for those die hard fans that need to get a little altitude fix somewhere in between November and April you’ve gotta try it!

This year I lucked out; although everyone was doing hop-n-pops from 4500, we had gary on our load (3 at a time in the cessna) who was doing a jump with his tandem rig to keep his currency with it, so we went up to 6500.

Me and larry did a nice two way exit, him floating, me diving – for the first few seconds i started to get that swimming sensation perhaps two months off was just too much, but then the muscle memory kicked in and i felt back in my element 🙂 We got together easily after that, and got three points pretty quickly (round, Larry 360, round, Me 360, round).

So far for the year i’m averaging 3 points per jump!

On the todo list before next new years day: new gloves, my fingers are still de-thawing!!!

(Temp 16 degree F at ground level)

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