Was I really complaining?

The weather in April might not have been the best, but here on the first of July I decided I would do a quick recap of my jump numbers for the year.. being half way through and all.

January – 1 – Just one jump, but what a great – and cold – one it was!

February – 18 – What can I can, ELOY baby! Hot Air Balloons & High Altitude Jumps!

March – 3 – Waiting for saftey day was rough, but it sure was nice to be jumping back at home.

April – 25 – Not bad and I bitched about the weather? Even had my first official team jumps 🙂

May – 8 – This was a rough month personally, way too much RW in the way of my jumping 🙁

June – 37 – Finally back on track for a great month, ended by following out my good friend Patrick out of the plane on his first AFF jump!

So, wth the first half of the year over and already standing at 92 jumps already, 228 total; and with really the best part of summer still coming.. how many will I end up with this year? 300? 350? 400?!

One thing I know for sure is that I need to learn to stop bitching about the weather! I’m starting to confuse myself with someone still on student status!


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